Expediting Services


The function of a PSC expeditor is to facilitate the progress of a purchase order by taking action as required to assist in the timely completion of the work and to prepare detailed reports in sufficient detail for direct action to be taken by the client where the order is in jeopardy.

PSC Expeditors facilitate the movement of materials through vendor shops and assure timely delivery to the jobsite without compromise of quality. We will solve issues during the engineering or drawing submittal phase, expedite the purchase of major materials push the vendor to meet the milestones on the fabrication / manufacturing plan, and ensures the supplier adhere to the Purchase Order promised delivery date.

PSC Expeditors:

  • Systematically review and comment on all areas of vendor involvement
  • Maintain close vendor contact through active participation at the vendor facilities and through telephone contact at regular intervals
  • Expedite the submittal of vendor drawings
  • Monitor and report conformance to relevant standards, codes, specifications and specific Supply Chain Management requirements
  • Verify and confirm all information relevant to the project
  • Submit expediting reports 24 hours of vendor contact with detailed information on vendor drawings, material purchases, fabrication and delivery status, as well as information on sub-vendor facilities
  • Insure adequate shop coverage to meet project requirements
  • Identify / resolve bottlenecks at all levels