Inspection Services

PSC is a Third Party Inspection and Expediting Agency with over 25 years of trusted experience providing qualified personnel to many of the world’s leading Engineering Procurement and Construction Companies. Our team of inspectors are ready on a moment’s notice to handle all of your post order inspection needs.As a trusted agency PSC pride ourselves on our professionalism and technical competence in everything we do. From bulk order material inspection to highly technical engineered process equipment, our inspectors are ready to assist your team throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

Inspecting At Home & Abroad For Our Customers

Keeping up with international codes and all the paperwork, so you don’t have to.

Shop Surveys – Medium thru Heavy Fabrication shops – Determine whether the manufacturer / fabricator is physically capable of building the proposed equipment.  Valuable information is gained from looking at the facility from a non-biased position in terms of the review of the company history relative to the equipment that is being planned.

Quality Assurance – Clients benefit from having an onsite representative as either a resident inspector or adhoc inspector who understands and oversees key fabrication steps/processes. Vendor monitoring is essential to ensure they are following approved standards, codes, procedures and meeting client Purchase order requirements.

Rotating Equipment Inspection – Our specialist are trained to be experts and have years of experience performing inspections on this type of equipment.   Turbines, compressors, and pumps are major components in many industry fields and inspection services are necessary during the manufacturing & testing stages.  

Instrumentation & Electrical Inspection – We supply electrical experts to provide a high level of confidence to our clients.  Our inspectors are very familiar with MCC’s, Switchgear, Electrical Panels, Power Distribution centers, Power Control rooms and Transformers.  

Used Equipment Inspection – Often times we receive requests to perform inspections on used equipment.  After a piece of equipment has performed in the field for a specified amount of time nearing the end of life cycle it will need to be re-furbished.  The equipment is shipped to the manufacturer and worked on to restore it to its original function settings and specifications.

Industrial Coating Inspection – Our staff of NACE Level III have extensive experience with TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminum), FBE (Fusion Bond Epoxy), Tank lining, Galvanizing etc.

Welding Inspection – Our trained staff of AWS – CWI’s assist in performing visual inspection on welded fabricated equipment, structural members, piping etc.  Our certified inspectors will perform visual and dimensional inspections of the weldment, i.e. size, length and location. In addition we specialize in review of company weld procedures and witness weld qualification testing.

Pre-Shipment Inspection – Prior to crating and shipment a final inspection is performed on the equipment. This type of inspection will note any discrepancies before the equipment reaches its final onsite destination.